Embed.ly adds support for ChartBlocks

No more codeEmbed.ly enables developers, publishers and bloggers to embed rich content (think Videos, Tweets, Charts) in to their web site without getting their hands dirty.

Typically you'd search for the correct code to each bit of content you'd like to embed, then try to wrangle it in to your websites content editor with your fingers crossed that it actually works.

With Embed.ly, embedding is real simple. You take the URL of the content you'd like to embed (be it a YouTube video or a Chart), and paste the link in to your content editor - that's it! As long as the content provider is supported by Embed.ly you'll now see that content within your website or post.

We're really pleased to be among the Embed.ly provider list, and look forward to seeing awesome charts popping up in new places across the web.

Here are just a few of the places you can now embed your chart:

To see just how easy it is to install Embedly and start putting charts into your Wordpress blog, check out our short video below.