How do I make a Scatter Chart?

Step 1 - Creating a chart

Once your account is all set up, you will be able to start creating charts very easily. Follow the instructions below for creating a scatter chart:

The first thing to do is select the type of chart you would like from the chart creation page.


Step 2 -Supplyimg your data

The very next step is to provide data for the chart. The data can be entered in manually to create a new dataset, or even use a dataset you created previously. Lastly you can upload the dataset from an existing excel spreadsheet.


Step 3 - Sorting your data

Once you have provided the data, you can then select the columns to be used for the X axis and Y axis. Even at this stage you can add another series (data) if you wish.


Step 4 - Choosing a template

The last step is to select a template for your chart, you will see there are quite a few options to choose from.


Step 5 - Share or customize

Once your chart has been created, you can then decide what to do with it. There is the option to customise the chart further, or you can share your creation on social media as well as the option to embed it on your own website.


What type of data is a Scatter Chart good for?

A scatter chart is primarily used to display and compare numeric values, this can be statistical or even scientific data. They are really useful when trying to show the relationships among the values in several data series. This is a type of chart that would be good to use if you was comparing large numbers of data points without regard to time.