How do I make a Line Chart?

Step 1 - Creating a chart

Once you've signed up for your account on ChartBlocks, you can then start creating any type of chart you want. Below are the steps for creating a line chart :-

First you need to select the 'line' option on the chart creation page.

Step 2 - Supplying your data

Then you decide how you'd like to provide the data for your chart. You can enter it manually if you prefer, or paste it in from an existing data sheet. Alternatively you can use a previously created dataset that you uploaded to ChartBlocks. The last option is to import the data from your computer in the form of a spreadsheet.

Step 3 - Sorting your data

Once you've created the data, you then set the columns to be used for the x and y axis.

Step 4 - Choosing a template

The next step is to choose the template you'd like to use for the chart. We have many templates you can use at ChartBlocks, to help you get the look you want for your chart.

Step 5 - Share or customize

After you've created your chart, you'll then be able to save it and customise it in any way you need to. You can also share your site on social media and embed into your website. 

What type of data is a Line Chart good for?

A line chart is best used for displaying continuous data over time and ideal for showing trends in data. In general the value data is distributed evenly along the vertical axis and category data is distributed along the horizontal axis. This type of chart is best used for non-numeric data i.e categories. So if you was trying to show Twitter trends in 2014, a line chart would depict the data in the best form, as you could easily see the steady increase in users throughout the year.