How do I make a Bar Chart?

Step 1 - Creating a chart

Making a bar chart is incredibly easy with ChartBlocks. Once you've created your account, you'll then be taken to the charts screen, where you can create your first chart. Then simply follow the steps below:

Click on 'Create a chart', then select 'bar' on the column furthest to the left.

Step 2 - Supplying your data

You will then have three options for how to supply the data for the chart. You can select a new/blank dataset, where you can manually input your data or copy and paste it. The second option is to use an existing dataset, that you've previously uploaded for other carts. The last option is to import data from your computer in the form of a spreadsheet.

Step 3 - Sorting your data

Once you've provided the data for the chart, you then select which column of data will be used for the X axis on the chart. You then select the column(s) that will be used for the bars in the chart.

Step 4 - Choosing a template

The next step is to select a template for the chart and decide what you want to do with it.

Step 5 - Share or customize

You can save and download it, as well as sharing on social media and embedding into your website or WordPress blog. One the chart is completed, you have full freedom to change it as you see fit. You can change any parts of the chart, including the data, axes, meta data and even the type of chart it is.

Step 6 - Customize

By default the wizard will dispaly a column chart, if you would like to change this to horizontal then use the type option in the side menu and change it to horizontal bar, as you can see below.

What kind of data is a Bar Chart good for?

If you have data that you'd like to represent through a chart but you're not sure if a bar chart is the best option then it's useful to know what sort of data a bar chart is good for. Bar charts are excellent when you want to display data an extremely easy-to-read manner, for example the favourite genre of movie for people in different age ranges.