Chart Builder

The ChartBlocks chart builder provides you with all the tools you need to design and build charts and graphs.

Choosing a chart type

The ChartBlocks chart builder allows you to choose from almost any type of chart. Choose whether you want to build a basic chart like a bar chart or line chart, or go a step further with stacked charts, area charts and donuts.

Data picker

Selecting data for your chart is very easy to do. Once you've imported your data using the data importer it's easy to choose the data you want to display on your chart. Display multiple data sets on each axis and sort, order and filter using the simple interface.

The chart canvas

ChartBlocks is built with ultimate flexibility in mind. Many of our users build a chart and then embed it straight into their website. Using the canvas tools you can manage the size of your chart and its padding and then give it a background colour, a gradient or even make it transparent.

Chart axes

The chart builder interface allows you to manage every last detail of your chart. Using the axis tools you can specify scale, ticks, colour, thickness and fonts. Want to add a grid in the background of the chart or completely hide an axis label? There are tools for that too.


When you're building a chart you may want to add a legend and the ChartBlocks chart tools provide a way for you to design those too. You can choose where on the chart to display your legend, whether to list the items horizontally or vertically and even specify the shape and font to use.