The most popular chat apps of 2015

Since the introduction of instant messaging services, and with most people owning a smartphone, SMS texting has become less popular. There are many different messenger apps to choose from, so I thought it would be great to see the figures and compare.

I have put the information in a chart so you can see the comparisons easily.

Well it is clear to see from this that Whatsapp is ahead with 700 million active users. The second most popular is Facebook messenger with 600 million active users, although Facebook purchased Whatsapp last year guaranteeing them a large share of the market. On average 30 billion messages are sent each day compared to 20 billion that are sent through SMS. The lowest on the chart is Kakao messenger with 48 million users which has a long way to go to catch up with its rivals Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

Android and Apple both have in built messaging apps which allow you to send messages to the same phone without using any of your minutes or credit. Although, to communicate with people between different devices you would need to use an instant messenger like the ones listed in the chart, hence its popularity. These apps are especially handy to use when you are using your phone abroad, as it doesn't cost anything, all you need is access to a wifi. Like everything in this market the appeal of the product depends entirely on the user. Although Whatsapp clearly must be doing something right to dominate the market.

Generally the popularity of the app changes depending on the country, although Whatsapp dominates this market as being the most popular messaging app in the world.

Even though this has become a very standard way to communicate, the one drawback is that you need to be on the same app as the people you are trying to communicate with. Whereas when you send a text message it doesn't matter what phone you have,  which is why it is still the most universal way to message.