New feature: group data to perform calculations

Group byIf you've always wanted to perform simple analysis of your data without using an external tool, now you can! The feature is explained in more detail over on the "Can I perform calculations on my data?" FAQ page but I couldn't resist a quick demo.

Group by car example

Given this simple table of data, the top 10 car manufacturers based on sales of 2012, we can make a number of graphs just by grouping the data together in different ways.

Volkswagen Germany 8,576,964
Toyota Japan 8,381,968
Hyundai South Korea 6,761,074
GM USA 6,608,567
Honda Japan 3,830,954
Nissan Japan 3,830,954
Ford USA 3,123,340
PSA France 2,554,059
Suziki Japan 2,483,721
Renault France 2,302,769