Chart data labels

Since launching ChartBlocks the most requested feature, by far, has been the ability to plot data labels on charts. Over the last few weeks we've been working on this, along with some improvements to tooltips, which we think you'll love!

Getting started

Data label tool.png

Data labels can be enabled on any chart type, including existing charts, by switching them on in the "Labels" tool of the editor.

By default the series colours are used on the outside of a bar, pie slice or area but there are plenty of customisation options available. We look forward to seeing some funky data labels in the next few weeks.



Here we've got a bar chart, with data labels on the outside. By default ChartBlocks will use the series colours as the font color for each label but this can be set to a single colour instead.

On this pie chart I've decided to put the values inside the slices. The smallest slices aren't big enough to display a value so we automatically hide them.

Go forth and label

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