Prison Population male vs female

The number of prisoners in a country does not tell the full story about crime, this can be down to a range of factors. The efficiency of criminal justice systems have a big part to play. I have just focused on the comparison between female and male population. Using a stacked bar chart is the best way to demonstrate this type of information as you can see below.



Top 10 Most Valuable brands of 2015

How do the most valuable brands compare to each other. Using a bar chart I can show this information. I have chosen this particular chart as I have quite long data labels, so it is always  best to display the chart horizontal. There are four different types of industry in this list: technology, beverages, automotive and diversified. One thing that has become apparent is the technology industry ranking the highest, although this is not a surprise.


Do we spend too much time on our phones?

I came across an article about how long we spend on our phones. It was really interesting to see the statistics, and use this information to make a chart. The information in the charts below are from the “Mobile life” 2013 report from o2 and Samsung. Also this report is a couple of years old now, so it will be interesting to see how the statistics compare.

It is clear to see that as the technology gets better we spend more and more time on our phones. According to this report we spend more time on our phones every day than with our partners on average, and an average smartphone user will spend up to 2 hours a day using their phone.

From this report 2000 people were asked on average how long they spend on their phones each day and what they use it for. So I have made two charts to depict this. The first chart is on average how long they spend on their phones, depending on the activity.