How to find open data

open-data.pngFinding interesting data can be the most difficult part of producing data visualizations. Luckily finding a story to tell has become a lot easier over the past decade with the advent of open data. Open data is a fantastic resource that now encompasses a wealth of information from all over the world. Free to use, even commercially exploitable data can now be found on almost any subject matter you can think of.

Goverment and large worldwide inter-government organisations are particularly helpful when it comes to open data, with both high quality and large quanitites of data being collected every single day. European and North and South American countries really lead the way in this with dozens of countries open sourcing massive amounts of data.



List of open government data

So that you can get started creating visualisation quickly, we've tracked down some open government data from countries all over the world. As we find more sources we'll update this list so you may want to bookmark it.