Using variance to make your charts easier to read

A bar chart is quite often the quickest and easiest way of showing quantitative data.

If I wanted to plot how much I am spending in each area of my business it might look something like this:

On this chart I can see quite clearly how much I have spent on marketing and how much I have spent on operations. This kind of chart also makes it easy to compare spends but in reality there aren’t many times when I want to compare marketing and operations spends. What I really want to know is whether I’ve stuck to my budgets or whether I have an over or underspend.


Men more likely to win award for killing themselves doing something stupid

According to BMJ, who analysed the winners of the Darwin awards over the last 20 years, men are far more likely to win the award than females.


Chart data labels

Announcing the launch of data labels, our most highly requested feature to date! Fill your bar, column, line or pie charts with glorious numbers.