Are you cashing in? The best and worst paid jobs in America revealed

Forbes has unveiled its list of the best and worst paid jobs in America, and its good news for anyone in the medical profession and not such a great outlook for those working in the fast food industry.

Having studied the Occupational Employment Statistics survey released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forbes found that the best paid job was as an anesthesiologist, with an average annual salary of $235,070.  That came in at a staggering $216,200 more than the worst paid occupation, working in a fast food restaurant on $18,870 per annum.

In second place for high earnings were general surgeons ($233,150), while third place went to oral and maxillofacial surgeons ($218,960).  Of the top ten highly paid jobs, nine were in the medical profession.

By the slimmest of margins the second most poorly paid occupation was serving fast food, with an average annual salary of $18,880.  In third place were shampooers at hairdressing salons, making just $30 more per year to take their annual pay to $18,910.

Chart-wise, the breakdown of the USA’s top and bottom ten jobs by salary looks like this: