Pie charts: comparing data visually

My last blog post, nicely ties in with this topic, just to reiterate the Internet is a crucial way for Startups to develop. So therefore this can have an actual impact on how successful a Startup can be.

A pie chart is good way to compare data in a way that is visually appealing and extremely easy to interpret. This is one of the most commonly used charts for these reasons. With the desire to be your own boss becoming more of popular concept, I thought it would be interesting to compare how popular startups globally are for this year so far.


Using a stacked chart to show how simple it is to display comparative data

A column chart stacked is a good easy way to compare two sets of data, by stacking the data it is clear to see the difference. As the capability for higher connection speeds increases each year, it is interesting to see globally how well certain countries are adapting.

The chart below shows a range of speeds.