Introducing ChartBlocks

Welcome to the very first ChartBlocks blog post.

We plan to use this space to give updates about new product features and updates but also to help everyone design better charts.

As Williard C. Brinton said back in 1914 in his book ‘Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts’:

Millions of dollars yearly are spent in the collection of data, with the fond expectation that the data will automatically cause the correction of the conditions studied. Though accurate data and real facts are valuable, when it comes to getting results the manner of presentation is ordinarily more important than the facts themselves. The foundation of an edifice is of vast importance. Still, it is not the foundation but the structure built upon the foundation which gives the result for which the whole work was planned. As the cathedral is to its foundation so is an effective presentation of facts to the data.

Over the coming months we will show you some of the best examples of data visualisation and offer insights into how you too can present your data like a professional.

Until then...