Chart data labels

Announcing the launch of data labels, our most highly requested feature to date! Fill your bar, column, line or pie charts with glorious numbers.


Places to post your startup - with (some) metrics

This is a list of places that I have posted ChartBlocks in order to promote it. It’s a work in progress - I will probably add sites as I find them and once I’ve been able to evaluate how effective they were.

Bear in mind that tracking where users come from isn't as easy as it once was so these aren't exact figures. We use Google Analytics' utm_source where we can but that's not always possible. Some of the data is even manually collected - a sudden flurry of users after a particular event gets noted down. Figures are also not completely comparable - some figures are collected over months, others might be weeks.

All of that said, I hope you still find some useful ideas you might not have thought about yet.

Consistently sending quality traffic, though not huge volumes. You get to benefit from your competitors’ brands, as people will often by typing in ‘Alternative to [competitor name]’ and Google will be sending them to the website...

They manually submit your startup to high quality startup directories, review sites, and blogs to help you drive traffic, acquire customers, and grow your following. This has saved us a lot of time and is great value for money for the amount of work that would have been involved. This is ideal for early stage and established startups. I would highly reccommend them.




Read more... adds support for ChartBlocks

With now supporting ChartBlocks charts, it's even easier to share your ideas and data across content management systems, publishers & social media.


New feature: group data to perform calculations

Rather than perform simple calcuations on your data outside of ChartBlocks, you can now group data and perform simple calculations (i.e. average, sum, max, min) while building the chart.


Using oEmbed to simplify embedding

Learn how and why to use oEmbed to embed ChartBlocks charts on your website or blog