Happy Halloween: Some hair rasing statistics on horror movies

The spooky season is now upon us. You've probably bought your costume and organised your trick or treat outing or Halloween party, so what better time to look at that staple entertainment of All Hallows' Eve - the scary movie.

We all like to shut the door, turn the lights down and settle into a good horror film on the most haunted night of the year, and there are some spine-tingling charts to be taken from scary film statistics.

Whether or not you count it as a 'horror' film in the classical sense, the highest grossing scary movie of all time is Jaws (1975). With figures adjusted for inflation, the Steven Spielberg masterpiece took $1,098,900,000 at the box office, way ahead of the second highest-grossing horror flick The Exorcist (1973), which tool $885,500,000. Here's a round-up of the top ten by the amount they took in dollars:


National Chocolate Day give us Chocolate charts and sweet statistics

Chocolate, sweets and other confectionary are the go-to comfort foods for a lot of people, the top treat we reach for when we've had a bad day. Or a good day, come to that. As October 28this National Chocolate Day, this seems the perfect moment to take stock of some chocolate charts and sweet statistics about the sugary goodness we all love and crave so much...

Every year the world eats around 7.2million metric tonnes of the stuff, with 90million pounds purchased for Halloween alone. Across the planet, around $7billion a year is spent on chocolate and the largest producer, Mars, has net sales of over $17billion per annum.


Strap yourselves in for some Rollercoaster stats

Just what is it about human beings that makes us actively seek out experiences which terrify us? From jump scenes in scary movies to throwing ourselves from planes for fun, we all enjoy the occasional hair-raising moment to make life that little bit more exciting, and rollercoasters are one of the most popular forms of frightening ourselves. While it's almost Halloween and we're in the season for screams and thrills we thought it was a good opportunity to look ath the ups and downs of rollercoaster statistics.

The fastest rollercoaster currently in existence is the Formula Rossa ride in Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, which reaches a maximum speed of 149.1mph. That places it a full 21.1mph ahead of its nearest rival, the Kingda Ka ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Here's a run-down of the top ten rollercoasters by speed:

CHART - World's fastest Rollercoasters in miles per hour



Turning up the heat with some scorching fire statistics

September marked the 250th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, which burned for four days and almost completely destroyed the Medieval City of London within the old Roman walls, changing the face fo the capital forever. While the damage was extensive and the homes of up to 80,000 Londoners were destroyed in the conflagration, a regularly cited figure says only six deaths were officially recorded. The low death toll may be because the deaths of poor people were beneath the notice of the recorders, or it may be because, with temperatures reaching 1,250°C, there were simply no remaints to count.

Three and a half centuries on this remains one of the most well-known fire disasters, even if it is officially far from the most deadly. That leaves us with the burning question, which fire events have been the most destructive? And what other interesting fire statistics are out there?


How the other half lives: Some stats on the super-rich

Following the sudden death of his father last month, twenty-five year old Hugh Grosvenor became the seventh Duke of Westminster and effectively 'inherited half of London', as well as becoming one of the world's youngest billionaires.

The baby-faced Duke joins only nine other billionaires under the age of thirty, the youngest being Alexandra Andresen who, aged just twenty, already has a $1.2 billion fortune to her name. While that sounds like more than enough for anybody, sh only makes it into 1,476th place in terms of wealth according to the Forbes list of billionaires. She's a very long way behind Bill Gates, who with $75 billion in the bank tops the list and remains the world's richest individual.